Taurus rowing machine RX7

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Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine

Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine

Innovative rowing machine with hybrid resistance system
  • Excellent pulling movement Uniform movement through combined magnetic and air resistance
  • Whole body training in accordance with the watts generated Adapts perfectly to your performance level
Taurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 Awards
Taurus rowing machine RX7 Particularly Pleasant Rowing Feeling

Particularly Pleasant Rowing Feeling

Sitting on dry land can hardly be nicer than sitting on the Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine. With its hybrid resistance system, the indoor rower offers very comfortable pulling movement in high and low intensity ranges and is ideal for both newcomers to rowing and passionate competitive athletes.
Taurus rowing machine RX7 Innovative Control

Innovative Control

Since you have both hands on the handle as you row, you are not usually able to make adjustments during your workout. With the Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine, this is not the case. A remote control is built into the handle, which you can use to make changes during training. This allows you to adjust the resistance level or change the programme, for example.
Taurus rowing machine RX7 Advanced Training Computer

Advanced Training Computer

The RX7's training computer is one of the best of those used on indoor rowing machines today. It allows you to access an extensive selection of programmes to make your rowing training particularly varied and effective. In addition to relevant performance data such as calorie consumption, also worthy of mention are the watt, heart rate and interval programmes and the integrated fitness test.
Taurus rowing machine RX7 Sporty look, exceptional stability

Sporty look, exceptional stability

Thanks to the robust frame construction and the excellent workmanship of all of its components, the RX7 guarantees you a particularly high level of stability, which makes it suitable for frequent and intensive use, even in the semi-professional sector. Thanks to the folding mechanism, it can also be conveniently stowed away. No compromises were made when the RX7 was being designed, so it also meets high standards in terms of appearance.

  • Rowing machine with excellent pulling in all intensity zones
  • Remote control on the handle: change the settings of your training even while rowing
  • Very high stability: can even be semi-professionally used
  • Very nice, sporty design
  • Long rail, comfortably upholstered seat
  • Raised rail for a comfortable getting on and off
  • Easy-to-use display with many programmes
  • 16 resistance levels, more in the manual mode
  • 26 training programmes and two fitness tests:
    • Quick start / manual programme
    • Pace programme: Set a time/500 m, the paceboat helps you to keep the time
    • Race programme: Compete against the average times/500 m of other users
    • Two interval programmes: distance and time
    • Four heart rate programmes: 60 % (fat burning), 75 % (aerobic cardio), 90 % (maximum performance) as well as a target heart rate programme
    • Watt programme: controls the magnetic resistance so that you always train in the set resistance output between 50 and 300 Watt
    • 12 pre-set training programmes, of it Fartlek, hill or random
    • Four programmes that can be individually adjusted and saved by the user
    • Fitness test & Recovery programme
  • Easy-to-use folding mechanism and transport wheels for transporting/moving the rowing machine
  • Easy to assemble
  • Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps (a chest strap is separately available!)
  • Max. user-weight: 130 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus rowing machine RX7: (L) 245 cm x (W) 43 cm x (H) 106 cm
    Folded - Taurus rowing machine RX7: (L) 121 cm x (W) 43 cm x (H) 170 cm

Hybrid resistance system: the best of both worlds for your training success

The Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine has a combined resistance system with magnetic resistance and air resistance. This offers several advantages when rowing. Firstly, it means you can set a basic resistance. Secondly, this system offers a more even pulling movement across all intensities. While the magnetic resistance tends to be in the lower range, the air resistance at high intensities makes for great pulling movement. Thanks to the magnetic resistance, it is also possible to train with watt accuracy, to a watt value of up to 300 watts. The computer then regulates the resistance level depending on the pulling speed so that this watt value is kept constant. Air resistance means significantly higher resistances are also possible, so the Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine is also suitable for competitive athletes. As one of the very few rowing machines, the RX7 also offers a remote control on the handle, so settings can also be made during your workout.

Training computer with a sophisticated selection of programmes

The RX7's training computer is one of the most advanced rowing machine computers on the market. The device offers a large selection of programmes for every taste. The two interval programmes are particularly interesting: they allow you to improve your performance quickly and effectively; with the racer programme, you can compete against other users' average times / 500 m – great for a little family competition, for example.

RX7: an indoor rower with great design aspects

In terms of the Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine's design, everything is done right: the machine is expertly manufactured, has clever functions that are well thought out and it looks great, too. The device has been designed to withstand even the most intensive use. It is therefore even suitable for use in the semi-professional sector – e.g. in a company fitness room or a hospital. The frame of the Taurus RX7 Rowing Machine is higher, so the seat is also higher. That makes getting on and off more comfortable.
Taurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 AwardsTaurus rowing machine RX7 Awards

Manual Taurus RX7-3

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years
Semiprofessional use 12 months

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review

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Great quality machine
0 persons found this review helpful
Very happy from ordering to delivery of my new rowing machine. The machine is of great quality and workmanship and was easy to put together. It is built to last!!
Stabil und Aufbau zu Zweit kein Problem
0 persons found this review helpful
Das Gerät ist sehr leise und macht einen sehr stabilen Eindruck. Gefällt mir noch besser als mein Vorgängermodell. Auch wegen der besseren Sitzhöhe.
Taurus Rudergerät RX7
0 persons found this review helpful
Tolles Gerät auch für Anfänger leicht und einfach zu bedienen. Nur für den Zusammenbau braucht man eine helfende Hand. Freue mich jeden neuen Tag auf das Training. Auch das Platzsparende zusammen kippen geht ganz leicht von der Hand. Nur der Sitz könnte etwas mehr gepolstert sein. Bin einfach mit meiner Kaufentscheidung zufrieden.
Klasse Gerät zum fit halten.
0 persons found this review helpful
Stabilität und Verarbeitung sind echt gut, der Sitz ist sehr gut geformt und bequem. Der Zug ist echt klasse und von Anfang bis Ende durchgehen gleich, hat somit keine Löcher, wo man keinen Widerstand hat. Was auch klasse ist, man kann es ganz einfach zusammen klappen und zur Seite Rollen.
0 persons found this review helpful
Sehr gutes Gerät für fitness, abnehmen und straffen ......einfach genial????????????
Taunus Rudergerät RX7
7 persons found this review helpful
Ich habe mir dieses Rudergerät vor 4 Wochen als Ergänzung zum Ergometer Cardiotraining Strong BX70i gekauft. Der Aufbau war einfach. Es war nur zeitweise eine zweite Person zur Unterstützung erforderlich. Insbesondere das Rudern in einem bestimmten Herzfrequenzbereich oder das Rudern nach Watt macht mir sehr viel Spaß. Beim Rudern bin ich Anfänger und glaube schon, dass ich mich für das richtige Rudergerät entschieden habe. Ich bin aber auch der Meinung, dass dieses Gerät für Fortgeschrittene ideal ist. Die erhöhte Sitzposition sorgt für ein bequemes Auf- bzw. Absteigen. ... [Read more]
Perfektes Einsteiger bis Profigerät
0 persons found this review helpful
Top Beratung im Shop. Bestes Preis Leistungsverhältnis Lieferung noch am selben Tag Einfache,Verständliche Aufbauanleitung. Bequemer Sitz Perfekte Verarbeitung stabiles Material und Laufleistung.
Taurus RX7
0 persons found this review helpful
Das Rudergerät Taurus RX7 ist ein toller Gerät. Egal ob Einsteiger oder Fortgeschrittener, das rudern macht wirklich spaß! Es sind 16 Schwierigkeitsstufen einstellbar, außerdem gibt es verschiedene Trainigsprogramme die man wählen kann. Jeder Benutzer kann sich sein eigenes Profil auf dem Trainingscomputer anlegen und somit sein Training individuell gestalten. Ich habe das Gerät jetzt ein paar Wochen und bin rundum zufrieden. Die Beratung von Sport Tiedje war wie immer erstklassig, die Lieferung ging mit Spedition binnen ein paar Tagen und der Aufbau des RX7 ist schnell erledigt. Ich benutze das Gerät um nach einem Bandscheibenvorfall in der HWS alles wieder in Bewegung zu bekommen und die Muskulatur aufzubauen. Für mich ganz klare 5 Sterne... [Read more]
Klasse Rudergerät und schnelle Lieferung
0 persons found this review helpful
Ich bin dem Connect 2 super zufrieden. Der Aufbau des Geräts ging schnell und einfach. Das Gerät wird robust und stabil. Dank der mitbestellten Untermatte rutscht es auch auf Fliesen keinen Millimeter. Die Bedienung des Computers (PM5) und die Verbindung mit Pulsmesser sowie Smartphone funktionierte auf Anhieb. Toll ist auch die integrierte Tablet-Halterung am Arm des Computers.
0 persons found this review helpful
El remo Taurus RX7, es una máquina muy completa, con muchos programas distintos para amenizar las sesiones de remo, que siempre es aconsejable realizar con pulsómetro. La remada es muy natural. La utilizamos toda la familia y es tan potente (16 niveles), que no creo que nos la acabemos nunca. Muy contentos y la recomiendo si se dispone de espacio para su tamaño.

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