TIMEX timepieces offer indispensable advantages for athletes of all disciplines. A diverse range of models offers the right device for every athlete, from chronographs to pulse watches and bike computers to professional workout managers. Highest functionality, innovative measurement technology, and a dynamic design are the benchmarks for Timex Ironman sports watches. Whether world-class athletes or beginners: Timex Ironman watches are the perfect companion. With their modern design, they can be perfectly combined with everyday outfits as well.
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Timex watches: a brand writes contemporary history

Since watches left vest pockets and moved to the wrist, TIMEX has defined the way time is measured. For over 160 years, TIMEX has been offering cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking design. TIMEX's success in the sports sector was marked by the IRONMAN Triathlon watch, which was jointly developed by world-class athletes and industrial designers and launched in 1986. Within a year, the TIMEX IRONMAN Triathlon had become a best-seller and became one of the best-selling sports wristwatches in the world during the 1990s. In recent years, the watch has conquered other disciplines besides swimming, cycling, and running, evolving into an intuitive workout management tool, highly functional heart rate monitor, and GPS-enabled workout system.

Timex watches: with tradition, innovation, and Mickey Mouse to a global company

Timex was founded back in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA, and initially traded under the name Waterbury Clock. Waterbury was the leading watch manufacturing facility in the US at the time. In 1880, it was Waterbury Watch, a sister company to Waterbury Clock, that launched the first pocket watch. Their wristwatches achieved particular popularity in the wake of the First World War. The company owed its global rise to fame not least to the production of the first Mickey Mouse watch in 1933. The current brand name Timex goes back to the "Timex" wristwatch developed in 1950, which sold over a billion units by 1980.
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