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Wrist and ankle weights/weighted vests - for additional performance

Wrist and ankle weights and weighted vests are used for stamina as well as strength training. By means of wrist and ankle weights or weighted vests, the intensity of the training can be increased and training targets are quicker achieved. Either weighted vests or wrist and ankle weights can be worn for bodyweight training and they increase the physical weight. The load for chinups, pushups, and squats gets increased. Weighted vests and wrist and ankle weights can enrich running training, Functional Training, and other types of training. The precise weight increments of wrist and ankle weights make an individual adjustment of weight of the user possible. Some of our offered weighted vests allow to remove weights as well as extending weights for individual adjustment. Wrist and ankle weights of the brarnd Taurus are of special quality as well as their weighted vests - and they offer a maximum comfort as well !
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