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Boxing gloves - protect yourself and your opponent.

The most important equipment for fitness boxing and martial arts are boxing gloves. Firstly, they protect from injuries. They absorb punches so that neither the boxer nor the target are injured. When you purchase boxing gloves, you will find out that most models have fixed thumb pieces on the actual glove. These measurements avoid that thumbs are turned while punching. Many gloves are equipped with hook-and-loop fasteners on the wrist for optimal stability and wrists are better protected from injuries. Another function of boxing gloves: they enlarge the surface of your guard so that better protection while doing sparring is given.

Purchase boxing gloves - weight/size.

When you purchase boxing gloves, you will often find alleged "sizes" ounces. Many people compare the number of ounces with a size. Though an ounce is a unit of weight and corresponds to about 28.35 g. The ounce-sizing of boxing gloves tells only indirectly something about the size. The higher the weigth or the higher the number of ounces of a glove, the more absorption material is contained. Cut and fitting of boxing gloves are the same for different weights. Because of bigger quantitiy of filling material, a 12-ounces gloves is more flexible than an 8-ounces model. Bigger hands fit easier in gloves of high number of ounces.

Different boxing gloves for different use.

Besides common boxing gloves, ball gloves (punching bag gloves) are available as well. These are thinner and lighter and serve the increase in punch while exercising with a punching bag or other equipment. They protect fists from abrasions and other injuries. This kind of gloves is less padded and weight indications are not required. Size of ball gloves is given from S to XXL. Special gloves are also available for martial arts sportsmen. These have an open finger zone, because grasping and throwing is often done for this kind of sports - and more flexible gloves are required.
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