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Punch bag - the classic for your boxing training

The punch bag is the most popular training equipment for fitness and competition boxers. Because of its size and girth, the punch bag replaces ideally the human opponent. According to size and weight of the punch bag, punch varities as well as kick combinations of all martial arts like, i.e., kick boxing, karate, etc. can be exercised on the punch bag.

Shoes should not be worn to protect the punch bag. The outer material of a punch bag can be made of synthetic or genuine leather, bizonyl (special synthetics), canvas, nylon or linen. The high-quality punch bags are mostly made of bizonyl or real leather.

In combination with a filling of foams of fabric remnants, both materials offer an optimal punch absorption, so that the shape of the punch bag is always maintained even for most intensive punches and kicks. This quality feature involves a prolongation of lifespan as well. Besides alreafy filled punch bags, we also offer unfilled punch bags in our range of products. These can be equipped with filling material as you like at home. Though, filling with sand should be renounced. On the one hand, the dead weight of the punch bag becomes very high for filling with sand, so that the punch bag cannot keep its original shape and becomes a drop shape sooner or later. On the other hand, sand absorbs humidity.

Besides an additional increase in weight, the density of sand increases distinctively due to humidity and the filling becomes extremely hard; the punch bag equals a stone wall then. In case, suspending a common punch bag is not possible, portable punch bags can be alternatively chosen. Some portable punch bags even imitate the human shape of a torso for an extremely realistic boxing sensation.

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